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                    趣味英语|How interesting!(有趣的新闻!)

                    来源:大山外语    发布时间: 2018-10-06|

                    New bananas have edible peels.


                    Some people don't bother to peel(剥皮) their apples before they eat them.But now,it is possible to eat bananas without peeling them as well. A Japanese company has made a kind of specail banana called "Mongee".It looks just like any other banana,but its peel is edible(可食用的). 

                    The company grows its banana trees in a very cold place and later moves them to a warm place. This stops the banana peels from fully maturing(成熟). They taste like lettuce(生菜).


                    Robot worker gets fired


                    Will robots take jobs away from humans one day? At least that day has not yet come. British's first robot shop assistant got "fired"after its first week of working in a supermarket in Ednburgh.

                    The bobot's job was to tell people how to find goods in the supermarket. However,the robot was only able to give very simple advice, such as "It's in the fridge",which was not very helpful. Also, the robot could not move around or chat with people like human assistants can."Our customers love a personal interaction(人际互动),"Luisa Margiotta, the supermarket owner, told The Telegraph.


                    ‘Smart’ jacket warms itself


                    Is it possible to stay warm by just wearing one jacket? The answer is yes,with Mercury-a heated(加热的) jacket. Inside the jacket,there are thin carbon fiber pads(碳纤维垫) that are heated by a battery. When fully charged, the battery can keep the pads warm for four and a half hours.

                    By using an app, wearers can use voice controls to heat the jacket before they go out. 

                    The jacket has sensors(传感器). They can sense the outside temperature, the user's body temperature and whether the wearer is moving or not. This way, the jacket can set itself to different temperatures automatically.


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